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Why divorce ratio is increasing alarmingly?

According to legend, the first piece in a white dress and romantic legend of the sixteenth century love story was born , then each will find a happy woman put on called " The Robe " white wedding dress , hand in hand with the beloved other half entered the auditorium. " The Robe " The origin of the name is because the white robes symbolizing purity, on behalf of the bride as angelic holiness, wearing robe bride can get eternal happiness , which is the greatest blessing God gives the bride . Meanwhile, the groom to the bride's wedding dress is also a promise of love , is to witness two common pursuit of true love .

Fourteenth-century Roman George XII Philips ? Burgandy Di Duke , a day when hunting farm to beautiful peasant girl Rose coincidence , the two fall in love , love ensues . Due to the poor social status , romance is not permitted at the time of feudal social thought , Philips family of fierce opposition . This lover of Song thick , bent on ignoring the world 's eyes spend the Philips family to let Duke quit, made a very harsh conditions : If Rose can be made within seven days, something to make the whole nation shocked praise good things , so I agreed to the marriage . I believe in love, courageous pursuit of happiness Rose , with his own two hands around the clock seven days a woven into an elegant 20-foot -long white robe . When Rose dressed in elegant white robes , holding Duke slowly walking down the aisle to accept all tests, which are being exhausted mind made love white robes , attracting everyone's attention , the National stunning .

Rose white gauze gown created a happy love, so I believe the descendants of white silk long swing is a symbol of a happy marriage , so have the wedding of white gauze . Wedding Style :

Minimalism - the most minimalist lines often express a wearer 's character, how to use simple lines to emphasize their strengths , is minimalism of a university asked . Exquisite tailoring and premium fabric is minimalism excels , it can be a very good

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grade and quality reflect the wedding Robe de mariée, so the bride stand out in the crowd . Suitable independent strong sense of girl.

Romantic - When it comes to marriage we immediately think of "romantic" word , how to create a natural and romantic style in the wedding it ? Openwork lace , embroidered with small floral transparent folds, multi-level loose skirt, drag a long veil . . . Are the perfect embodiment of the romantic wedding . Good cultural atmosphere girl.

Gorgeous faction - Admittedly, ornate style will always be some bright spots, but I have to highlight the gorgeous rendering noble , so pay attention to the basic principles with gorgeous style . Complex hand-sewn together with layered skirt fantasy , this French palace-style wedding , the bride can be gorgeous breath of a wealthy family demonstrated remarkable .

Elegant camp - this is the most common of the bride dress long dress properly again simple ingredients can show the bride the most perfect state.


Problems faced by Muslim couples after Marriage


Marriage in Islam is a very important as our Prophet (PBUH) said “Marriage is my Sunna. He who shuns my Sunna is not of me.”

Whether it is Islamic or not, marriage brings drastic changes to life. Sharing life is not easy. With the intervention of children, the load of responsibilities increases. As life progresses, a couple is faced with numerous challenges and problem which could be successfully be resolved by careful measures.


How to Have a Happy Marriage Life

Islam is not just about religious practices; it is about a way of life that is closest to nature. Marriage is the most important building block of any society and Islam tells us all the details that we need to know to make this institution as strong as rock! The importance of having a marriage is depicted in this Quranic verse, “It is He who created you from a single soul, and made its mate of like nature in order that you might dwell with her in love….”


This Ramadan, Let’s Pledge To Say NO To Forced Marriages

Ramadan, a month of forgiveness, compassion, purity

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and prayers, is sadly not free from all evil. At least that’s what I can say about here in Pakistan. Each and every devil is locked up till Ramadan ends, but the devils that live inside a human are left


free to reign.


Why Should I Read my Nikah Nama?

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Shaadi is a joyous occasion in one’s life for it entwines two souls together for the rest of their lives. This phenomenon, that we have come to call as ‘shadi’, is celebrated worldwide in various different forms. Men and women belonging to different countries, religions, ethnicity, social class etc. celebrate this event as per their respective culture. But even within a respective religion, the events of the shaadi ceremony have been altered as per the cultural upbringing.


What’s Your Theology Like? On Knowledge, Good Deeds and Spirituality

Adis Duderija

It would be fair to assert that every religious tradition in human history has highly valued and continues to highly value knowledge, good deeds and spirituality (i.e. in sense of performance of some kind of religious rituals). However, differently they were/are defined or put into practice.

What is interesting to explore, and this is the aim of this short article, is the idea of the relative importance placed on these three pillars of religious tradition one vis-a-vis the other. This could be accomplished both comparatively (i.e. across different religions) and well as within the various strands of a particular religious tradition. It could also be examined chronologically tracing any possible patterns or shifts in patterns. An examination of this ‘prioritizing’ is useful as it would give us an insight into the ‘ideal’ types of theologies prevalent among the adherents of religious traditions and perhaps be used as a method for developing typologies of theologies.


Should I Trust Him or Not?

About User: Female 30, Chicago

I have been married before but my husband cheated on me and left me for another woman. Now after 3 years of divorce, I have met a decent guy who is interested in getting married to me but I cannot seem to be able to trust him. I trusted my ex-husband completely but he

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betrayed me and now I cannot trust anyone at all. I really like this man and he is everything I could ask for but something inside me is afraid of trusting him and facing betrayal. I am totally confused and have no idea what should be done. Will I never be able to trust another man? I even went to a psychiatrist after my first husband left me as I was completely devastated and needed help.


Break It Off?

I do not love any of the women as yet

Last year I met someone who


shares the same interests as me and is highly compatible with me. Lately I have been thinking of proposing to her and calling my previous engagement off but I am not sure if she would say yes.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure my parents will never speak to me again if I break it off with my cousin. I am confused as to what should be done since my robe de mariage is scheduled for this June, for which we have to go to Pakistan.

I have serious doubts that my cousin will be able to adjust here.


Is It a Dead End Relationship?

I've been on and off with a guy for almost two years. He's a

I didn't want to be too emotionally involved with him so I told him we had to part

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He would still check up on me every now and then. It's been a few months since we've been seeing each other again. We are not in a relationship because of our faiths. He asked me to convert, I'm liberal in my ways but I carry Islam close to my heart.

So I explained it to him. He feels strong about his faith as well. Neither of us is willing to give up our faiths. Every time we call it quits and no more seeing each other, it doesn't work.


Is Hair Color Haram?

Is it correct that dying hair is prohibited in Islam? I recently got my hair dyed to a vibrant shade of red and my husband totally freaked out.

He says that not only dyeing hair is prohibited in Islam but the reddish tone is highly in appropriate as it is associated with devil in so many cultures.

I researched on the internet