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Alcohol & Prayer

I find that in the Islamic society people who drink are far less tolerated than those who don't pray and fast. I myself do drink alcohol and yet do all my prayers as well as keep my fasts. Why is it that I get a hard time for my drinking yet others who dont pray or fast or have any ethics but don't drink seem to get less of a beating. At least I know that I believe in God and if I am wrong in my actions in his/her eyes, by praying to him/her I maybe forgiven. I personally don't believe drinking alcohol makes me a bad person or a drunkard or will make me go to hell. So, why do Muslims have such a sensitivity to alcohol when so many of them don't even pray?

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Mo B

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  1. Salaam

    I used to drink,..I just want to quit it not because some one said about,…..i love my Allah. I am nothing; Allah is my boss, my master, my ruler,.. my friend,.. and if WORD IMAN is not there in your heart then you don’t feel it is wrong,.. but if IMAAN is there in your heart,.. IF you have read Quran, you will not do it,.. don’t even dare to go against Allah’s words; do not even think about,.. We are after all humans made by ALLAH,… just say AsthgfirUllah,..and please stop it. I am not commanding you because it’s your wish. I said it because I don’t want some one to go against ALLAH ..


  2. Alcohol is considered the mother of all evils because it can cause a person to perform many serious sins while he/she is in an intoxicating state of mind. There is one Hadith that says that Allah will not even hear your prayers for fourty days after you have drunken alcohol. However, you are still required to pray, the prayers that you would be offering to Allah would carry no weight or reward. This is a very hard part of my life that I have had to give up. I am a new muslim and I used to drink very frequently. However after reading that Hadith I realized that drinking is a much bigger issue than most might expect it to be. Although you are still praying, depending on the last time you drank alcohol, all of your prayers are not carrying any weight or rewards if it has been less than 40 days since you have had your last drink. This has been very hard for me as a college student who very much enjoys drinking. However I am happy to say that since the day that I converted, although being tested many times, I have not drank one sip of alcohol.

    You don’t want to waste your prayers on this bad habit. make your prayers count and repent and do your best to give it up. If I can do it, so can you to brother. Peace

  3. yeah society treats drinkers badly. But my point here is that when you drink remember its not you its shaitan who is whispering. when I drink, though I am a firm believer. I know I love to drink alcohol and don’t mix islam and drinking together. I know I am drinking cautiously only to refresh my mind. I personally feel that it hurts inside and I feel guilty. In contrast drinking alcohol can do many bad things and whats your purpose of drinking on that it depends a sin or not. see when we drink we don’t have guts to face allah. So its better not to drink and if u control and keep mindset of throwing it away it will be better. we as an indian muslim have many hindu friends. We drink unknowingly its ok for enjoyment. see in my view when a man is commiting suicide its better to give him a drink he will not commit suicide lol. just chill its my own view. also am not favoring drinking, its bad to health, it has its own effects. don’t take load do it in good light drink dont but control your actions if you cannot control then dont drink first think pros and cons live life freely.cheers.

  4. So what about sex & I’m not talking about marital. I mean how bad could sex be as compared to the 40 days suspension one gets after drinking

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