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Arranged Divorce

He an alcoholic but won't admit it

I have a friend who's married & really loves her husband. He's been unable to support her & the kids without aid of friends & loans from family/friends & he's an alcoholic, won't admit it & he openly drinks daily. He says he loves her, but discusses things with her all the time & says "when we get divorced".

He said she should find someone else who could take better care of

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her & he even tried to set her up with 1 of her ex-flames from before they were married!!! I can't even touch this! I've been friends with her 10+ years & lots of people come to me for advice, so naturally she did too.

The problem is I've seen people give advice & then when the person asking for the advice doesn't follow it & things get worse, or they do follow it & then end up going back into the situation - it

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always backfires on the one who gave the advice and you end up losing a friend. I told her I wasn't touching this but that I'd ask around Naseeb and see what ya'll think?



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