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Eyebrow Plucking in Islam

What is the clear Islamic stance on eyebrow-plucking

What is the clear Islamic stance on eyebrow-plucking?

I read that the Prophet s.a.w. said: "The woman who plucks facial hair and the woman who -- Powered By - *proven Products

has this done are cursed," and that "those who change Allah's creation for the sake of beauty," are cursed.

How do all other Muslim women get away with it?

I don't mean to be controversial, I just want to know what the options are after considering doing it for the past year or so and never daring.


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  1. What if you have really hairy eyebrows and you get bullied and you still can’t thread it. and how come you can do your upper lip aren’t you changing Allah’s creation for the sake of beauty?? (confused)

  2. The hadith says “cursed are the namissa wal mutanamissa” nothing about changing Allah’s creation and certainly nothing about husbands views!!! Why can’t Muslim just obey Allah and His prophet (pbh): sami,na wa attaana! end off. Why do we pray five times a day and not four or six? we don’t know we just obey Allah the omniscient the all knower! why do we go around the kaaba seven times and not eight? why anti clock wise and not clockwise! I think certain people are lacking IMAN (i.e. belief without seeing the proof) and start extrapolating what about plucking with husband permission, reminds me of a muslim woman who took off her hijab and wore a bikini to swim I looked shocked: she retorked my husband gave me permission, I wonder if her husband exempts her from five daily prayers and fasting ramadhan etc… will her husband take her place in hellfire too? can people be this stupid?

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