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Is Hair Color Haram?

Is it correct that dying hair is prohibited in Islam? I recently got my hair dyed to a vibrant shade of red and my husband totally freaked out.

He says that not only dyeing hair is prohibited in Islam but the reddish tone is highly in appropriate as it is associated with devil in so many cultures.

I researched on the internet anyone tell me what the significance of not allowing black dye is? Moreover some people say that dyeing hair is not allowed but you can apply henna to your hair. If it is true, then doesn’t henna give your hair a reddish tint as well? My husband has not spoken to me in 2 days and he insists that I get my hair re-dyed to its original tone.

I really love my new hair color so if I can get some insight on the Islamic point of view with

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  1. It is haram! The prophet didnt dye his hair, so why are you simians stuck in 2011 coloring your hair !?! You little kidds love to color so go get a coloring book, or go color your bedroom walls. Go color THINGS that are MEANT to be colored!!

    You clowns color your hair, nails, lips nose, ears you pakis dress up like christmas tree running around looking like a circus. Then you dig a hole and question if it is haram….after doing these monkey activities you then QUESTION its validity ? LOL !

    haha what a race of humans in 2011!

  2. i don’t know…..but I’m searching today…

  3. Instead of dying hair you can go for natural way of dying which is mehndi and i heard that due to dying the hairs the water will not go inside the hairs roots properly due to which the ghusul will be incomplete till that dye vinish you will remain unclean,so please suggest any ISLAMIC knowledge person on this matter.

  4. Slam!!!!!!!!!!!! yaseen that’s really informative about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people think about it………..
    QURAN OR HADEES if mention then really thanx

  5. There is a hadith that states dyeing of the hair black is haram, other than that there is no issue.

    However, do not intepret the Rasulullah’s hadith of allowing people to dye their hair. The history behind it is that it happened during the war of UHUD where muslims were fighting a losing battle and the enemies were gaining on them.

    Hence, a sahabah of Rasulullah s.a.w (correct me if im wrong), Salman al-farisi, suggested to Rasulullah s.a.w to allow the men to dye their hair and beards in an attempt to fool the enemies. And it succeeded because the enemies thought that there were more Muslims joining the fight. So they were psychologically drained.

    My dear brothers and sisters, a reminder to myself foremost, always read the full hadith and know how it came about and not just read the parts which suits what we want.

    A girl as long as she covers her aurah, is permissable to dye her hair. She can even dye it blue.

    For a guy, there is not so much reasons to dye-ing of your hair.

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